2018 Vendor Perception Study Kicks Off

Every two years, Commodity Technology Advisory hosts the Vendor Perception Study. This is the ONLY unbiased and comprehensive user assessment of company brands and CTRM solutions conducted and with a history going back more than a decade, we are able to look at historical trends as well. The resulting report is one of the most downloaded of all in our research area – you can get the 2016 study report here. The idea behind the study is to establish end-user views and perceptions of available CTRM vendors and products, including brand awareness, and to determine market leadership perceptions as well as buying criteria and demand levels. The research, is conducted via a web-based survey,  comprising of a comprehensive set of questions that seeks the informed views of industry participants including end users and consultants. Vendor personnel are specifically excluded from participating in this research. The 2016 survey was open for responses between January 14th and May 3rd, 2016 and collected some 230 gross responses. Note – we seek sponsors and advertisers to help cover the cost of delivering this research and if anyone is interested, please let us know and we will provide a prospectus. The 2018 survey is now open – please give us your… continue reading
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