2020 CTRM Sourcebook

The Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech) CTRM Software Sourcebook is designed to be a useful and highly usable resource to help those seeking information regarding the capabilities and coverage of products within the ETRM/CTRM software space. It is a starting point in the product selection process – a mid-level guide to allow the reader to develop a long list of vendors that have high potential capabilities in terms of functional and commodity coverage to meet the specific needs of individual commodity market participants. It is NOT intended to be a replacement for a formal selection process – CTRM software is simply too complex to be selected properly without utilizing a programmatic selection process. A free Resource or Those Wishing to Procure CTRM Software Our intention in developing the CTRM Sourcebook is to inform the reader of the wide universe of vendors and products, and allow companies seeking a new system to compile a list of vendors that may include some that might not have otherwise been considered or that they may not have even previously been aware of. Each Vendor and Product listing is compiled with the same format for clarity and ease of use, and each is comprised of:… continue reading
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