2022 Vendor Perception Study Drafted

With a big sigh of relief on my part and after literally hours and hours of spreadsheet analysis and graph making, the 2022 VPS report is drafted and gone to the designer for lay out. The report should be released in early January 2023 and will be a good way to start the new year. Our thanks to all of those who filled out the survey! I think the report will have some big surprises in it along with some expectations being met as well. It’s a mixed bag of kind of what you would expect and some surprises. Certain newer vendors and software products appear to have made a rather big impact on the market already in some categories while in others, ION is the big name as expected. But we actually looked at the different Ion platforms and their relative perception strengths in different categories and geographies as well to add some color. Again, even with those Ion brands, there are some surprises. I’m looking forward to getting the report out in the New Year and hearing what people think. Now, I have a book to finish before end of year…. more about that in another post.

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