3 Trends in CM/CTRM Software for 2021

We have issued a new ComTech white paper titled Three Trends of CM/CTRM Software for 2021 to kick off the year. The paper is as usual a free download from this site and can be found here. There are so many things happening that impact commodities right now that it becomes increasingly difficult to know where to start and one of our three trends may be a bit of a surprise! Geopolitics has emerged in the last few years as a major driver and creator of market issues, opportunities and dislocation. With a one hundred and 80 degree shift in direction in the US, that isn’t going to change in the near future it seems with fossil fuels in the spotlight in particular. The energy transition has already driven significant change and opportunity across the industry and there are those who see a new commodities super cycle occurring off the back of this and other shifts. There is the possibility of the emergence of new commodity markets emerging like Hydrogen, for example and the re-emergence of Carbon as well as the death of King Coal. At the same time, regionalization is occurring – in part driven by the regional nature… continue reading

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