A Belated Happy New Year

I know we have already gone past Blue Monday* but Happy New Year to all my readers out there (OK –  both of you then). I hadn’t heard of *Blue Monday till this year. Naturally my immediate thoughts were that it was connected to my beloved Man City, but in fact it was to celebrate the most miserable day of the year. Apparently the general population has recovered from the exuberance of the festive season, but is just receiving its credit card bills for the excesses. Maybe it should be a Bank Holiday (to non-UK readers, that is ‘public’ holiday’). From my experience the banks are on holiday 365 days per year unless you are giving them loads of cash. On New Year’s Day we are subjected (in the UK) to the New Year’s Honours list. As it now seems to come out around mid-November (OK New Year’s Eve), I’m not sure if it is entitled to that title! But more importantly, a number of the recipients don’t really seem entitled to their title either. There are always loads of sports personalities and actors / actresses. I honestly can’t remember any sales guys or CTRM consultants. So maybe we need
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