A Bit More on RFPs

This week’s humorous blog by David Calmonson on the sales process for CTRM software made me think about writing about this topic too. After all, these procurement processes are important and extremely costly for everyone concerned. ComTech has also acted as an advisor in a number of sales processes and so I have seen first hand how it works. The first thing to note is that these processes are often managed by third-party consultants. The consultants will usually have a template process and can save the customer time by bringing a pre-existing template replete with all the questions one might expect to the table. All that needs to be done to this document is add the customer specific questions and its ready to go. Well, is it? In practice, many of these template RFP’s have been round the block a bit and as a result may contain all kinds of totally irrelevant questions and requests to demonstrate functionality that is not needed at all. This is where the monster RFP document David refereed to often comes from. Another commonly used approach suffers the very same fault. It may be that the buying company found or borrowed an example RFP and
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