A Kilowatt for Your Thoughts…

“A kilowatt for your thoughts dear…”, said Jane Smith as her husband peered intently at a 3D holo-advertisement for the latest model of the Hover SUV 550.  John Smith waved for his wife to come see his dream vehicle.  “Look sweetheart, it’s only 500 kWh a month!” he exclaimed.  Rolling her eyes, she shook her head and replied in an exasperated voice.  “John Hubertus Smith, you know very well I said no new car until Sally’s nano-braces are done.  The dentist is charging us almost 200 kWh a month until her teeth are straight.” John sighed and tapped his virtual tablet floating in the air next to him.  “But we’ve got nearly 10,000 kWh in our battery bank at the credit union”, he whined in a bid to bring her around to having that shiny new SUV floating in the driveway.   At that moment, thirteen year old Sally Smith came rushing into the living room.   “Dad, I HAVE to have 100 kWh for the holo-concert tonight.  All my friends are going!” John slumped dejectedly on their Space Foam 9000 couch his wife had insisted they needed (at the exorbitant cost of 2000 kWh) and watched the sun set outside, along
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