A Kyos Update

Kyos, founded in 2008, is a firm that provides analytics software along with some consulting and training. Its head office is located in the Netherlands. I spoke with Mr. Hans van Dijken, Kyos Director, and was given quite a comprehensive demonstration of its solutions late last week. He told me that Kyos provides analytic solutions for plants, curve management, market models, storage, swing contracts, VaR and more, as well as a small CTRM solution primarily aimed at Industrials. As regards the CTRM, he told me that standard CTRM’s cater for high volume trading whereas its solution was more focused on providing flexibility to industrials who have less volume, but significantly more complexity. Its solutions are offered as SaaS and as stand-alone local installations. These days the latter are the minority, but all cloud deployments are single tenanted. The solutions are web-enabled, fully automated with friendly screens and providing a full and complete audit trail. The solutions “do the valuation of more complex assets and then push the results to another system,” he told me. The solution also handles real time price curves something that he says has become more important in recent years. “It used to be always about end… continue reading
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