A Never Ending Frustration

I think I probably write this article about once a year and always get a couple of people inquiring – “Is it us?”. Funnily enough, those that do the inquiring are often the best at responding and the most efficient software marketers too! It’s CTRM Sourcebook time and that means contacting all the vendors in the space. Often, there are a handful of companies where my contacts have gone stale and I need to try to chase someone down who can talk to me about their ETRM/CTRM software. And that is always an eye opener. I mean, one works on the assumption that companies generally are in the business of selling what they have to offer right? Well, I’m not so sure actually. Let’s take one example from this morning. This is totally true and an accurate portrayal of what happened. I will keep it blind to protect the guilty so lets call the company ACME just for fun. ACME is a large services and IT firm that offer an ETRM solution. They have multiple office globally and thousands of people. So here we go… First step – google the ETRM solution. I find a reference to it on their
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