A Trip To Heidelberg and the SAP Commodity Management Forum

Around 80 delegates attended the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg a couple of weeks ago to network and to learn about developments. With over 100 licensed customers globally, SAP is moving ahead at a surprisingly rapid pace offering an ‘all in one’ solution that is strong in traditionally complex areas like commodity pricing, settlement, and logistics. Highlights of progress in 2016 include enhanced support for comingled stocks, end of day processing with the in memory SAP HANA database to allow soft closes and real-time reporting, improved basis and differential pricing functionality, and delivery allocation for lot pricing, and more. Delegates also heard from three current customers who were or had implemented the solution in areas like concentrates, hydrocarbons, and agricultural commodities as well as from SAP personnel on a variety of topics. What struck me about the proceedings was how SAP is able to bring the innovations in both technology and functionality from across its business to focus on commodities and agriculture. A typical issue with CTRM and CM software has been end of day processing and ensuring current views on position and other data. SAP’s approach to this is to deploy the SAP HANA in memory database for
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