A Trip To London – An Emerging Technology Theme

Last week, both Patrick and I were in London. It was a busy week and we managed to visit a lot of people in the industry over the course of the week. One recurrent theme that we picked up was changing technology. Whether discussions about the impact of blockchain over lunch, or the impact of cloud on CTRM, each meeting seemed to have a strong technology theme to it. This even seemed echoed ion the OpenLink announcement of their cloud strategy. The industry is changing very quickly – perhaps too quickly. At a dinner we attended on Tuesday night, the discussion was all about technology but also about still needing to get some of the basics right. If I put data in, how do I get the information I need to run my business out? was a typical question. In the coming weeks and months, we will likely take a deeper dive into the technologies being looked at at what their implications may be. One immediate impact, Patrick and I discussed at length was the movement to cloud and a subscription model and what impact that may have on our market sizing model, for example. The technology theme though incorporates
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