About Those Awards

With yet another round of recent awards being announced awarded to the usual and largest vendors, I was reminded that just as summer started, we chose to try to conduct a snapshot survey on the value of such awards. Now, I have been a Marketing VP of a vendor in this highly competitive industry and trust me, I had a rather different view of these awards back then – though there were fewer around. It isn’t so much the nature of awards in areas like software – where they are offered by magazines motivated by advertising revenues and the obvious conflict of interest there, but the growing number of outfits now following suite and being shall we say blatantly honest about the proposition. I.e. Pay us $3,000 and we will make you one of the Top 10 firms in xxxx category and give you a wooden plaque to show off to boot. For me, enough is enough. As we have said in the past, CTRMCenter/ComTech will never make awards of this nature. The only award we see as having value is the Energy Risk award which at least includes a vote by subscribers and has a track record of many… continue reading
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