Adapting to a Virtual World at Contigo

“It has been a busy March and April,” Simon Wheeler, CEO of Contigo told me last week. “It may even have been a bit busier than normal for the time of year and there has certainly been no less interest since E-World.” Indeed, in early February, E-World went ahead pre-dating the lockdowns and work at home regime we have all been experiencing since March and it was certainly exceptionally busy when I was there. Meanwhile, Simon observes that work with existing clients is also quite active although there had been some slowdown earlier, things seemed to be settling down again now. Meanwhile, Contigo remains focused on its target to release its VaR module in the next couple of months and now has “several clients signed up for it.” It is also still working on enhancements around the ICE connector and eyeing a NordPool connector next as a part of its product roadmap, he told me. “40-50% of our development work is client-led at the moment.” Helping staff to get used to the work at home regime has been a key activity. Simon has introduced a number of initiatives to maintain the contact between staff. Things like virtual teatime and the… continue reading

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