Adaptive Looks to Build on it’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management Success

Recently, I talk with Matt Barrett, Director at Adaptive. Matt has presented a couple of times at various CTRM Conferences but beyond that, I knew little about Adaptive and its’ business. Adaptive deal in the real-time trading world designing, building and operating business led technology solutions using leading edge technologies. Founded in 2012, it now has around 130 consultants globally. Matt explained that the company uses agile design methods to deliver solutions in an iterative manner. This involves workshops, prototyping and iterative delivery and it has used this approach to design and build a bespoke CTRM solution for a large agribusiness and an energy trading platform for a large utility, amongst many other projects in the financial services and commodities arena. It’s use of leading edge technologies translates into cloud deployment with push technologies to deliver real-time information. As he put it, “the nature of trading is that it is an event-driven world,” so providing monolithic, ‘after the fact’ solutions isn’t their business. Other areas of focus include using micro services, messaging, and workflow engines to achieve reliability and control. He readily reeled off an impressive array of successful projects including things like the energy trading platform stopping to provide… continue reading
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