AFT Capital Innovating Around Shipping, Emissions and Risk

There is a growing emphasis on optimizing supply chains, the rising cost of transportation especially at sea, and transportation optimization, as well as a lot of attention being paid to the upcoming ESG and carbon rules and regulations in commodity markets. Indeed, as a result, anyone in trading or risk management who uses or interacts with vessels to handle trades, as well as those operating or chartering vessels, or fleets of vessels, will be keen to get a better handle of their exposures and risks in that area. Freight rates have been volatile and high, while with geopolitics to the fore, issues around cargoes, routes, and so on are also now increasing. The coming rules around emissions and ESG reporting only add further complexity to what is already quite a difficult area of the commodity complex to manage. So, I was very interested to hear from Martin Ireland recently! Martin is CEO of Advanced Freight Trading Capital, a new venture that aims to utilize new technologies, sophisticated analytics, and AI to help with these issues. Martin has assembled a team of industry veterans, data scientists, mathematicians, and developers. Together with input from a high-profile advisory board and the University of… continue reading

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