Agiboo and the ‘Perfect Storm.’

Jan van den Brom of Agiboo describes the situation there as the ‘perfect storm’ in which it has almost too many new customers and implementation going on at the moment. In fact, he has been unusually difficult to reach in recent weeks! “Since everything has to be done remotely (sales activity, implementation, training and support), ensuring that customers get that special attention is more difficult now,” he adds. ”The market in south America and Asia is exploding,” he said. “Europe and north America are at around 2018/19 levels as well.” One reason for this boom is that he sees firms in Asia and south America seeking to build more professionalism and get to an international standard of operation. Interestingly, we pointed to a Government directive in China urging adoption of software of international standard last year. Much of this is being driven by stakeholders who desire to see better controls and perhaps comes with the carrot and stick approach. “Sugar is booming again,” Jan tells us. “Cocoa is also showing good demand for software but Coffee less so and even things like Grains are very active.” In fact, Jan tells us that Agiboo signed four new sugar customers in just… continue reading

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