Agiboo Goes from Strength to Strength

Jan van den Brom has seen interest surge over the usually quiet summer months “Interest is up 300-400% through July and August’, he said. The demand is not just coming from prospective customers but from existing customers as well as they extend use of Agiblocks to other departments and users he told me. “We signed 4 new customers in the last two months!” he said. “Not just in Europe but in Singapore and Africa as well and we covered some new commodities like vegetable oils.” The demand, we agreed, seems to have increased as some firms who sat on the fence and waited to see what would happen with lockdowns and COVID19 freezing expenditures and projects, are now forced to hop off the fence combined with the expanded use by other businesses seeing remote working continuing through the winter and beyond. “People who were not used to working from home actually like it and management have now learned it has advantages too”, he said. It’s not just activity levels that have changed since we last talked but there has been a lot of activity at Agiboo over the summer. It has opened a north American office with representation in Chicago,… continue reading

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