Agiboo – Post Acquisition – is Thriving

It’s been 90-days or so since Agiboo announced that it had been acquired by Cultura Technology and Jan van den Brom, Agiboo CEO, is happy with how things have gone. “We have access to more people now and have been able to expand our capacity so that the waiting list of customers coming onboard is now being tackled,” he said. He also described the process as ‘professionalizing’ in that there were areas of the business that could benefit from a larger organization performing certain activities freeing up Jan and his staff to focus on more important aspects of the business. He has also hired more staff in areas like Brazil to work on implementations and support. However, Jan says that other things have already started to change as well. “We are now also signing much larger companies as customers – companies in the ABCD’s of ags and softs. These entities see the advantages offered by modern technology platforms like Agiblocks and now see us as a larger entity post-acquisition.” According to Jan, CTRM demand is “hot” right now and there is demand for not just coffee, cocoa and sugar systems, but also in areas like grains, edible oils, non-listed commodities… continue reading