Agiboo Sees Increased Market activity

Jan van den Brom, managing partner at Agiboo, has noted a significant uptick in inquiries, demonstration requests, and buying processes since the beginning of the year. “I would say activity levels have doubled or even tripled so far this year,” Mr. van den Brom told me. The interest is coming from traders but also from the procurement side of the business. i.e. those companies that purchase raw materials and commodities. In fact, this is a trend ComTech had noted previously as purchasers, processors, and sellers of commodities and finished goods have moved into the software market. Agiboo has seen this demand turn into new business signing new Grains users and a first customer in the USA with a few more deals imminent. So what is driving this uptick in interest? “Its probably a combination of factors such as pent up demand during a period of cost cutting, a need for better risk and administration tools in a lower commodity price environment, availability of more cost effective, cloud-based CTRM solutions, and from a procurement company point of view, perhaps a signal that procurement functions are the latest target for business optimization.” Mr. van den Brom also pointed to the consolidation that
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