Agiboo Sees Strong CTRM Demand

Last week, Agiboo announced something interesting – Agiboo Video Tutorials. I asked Jan van den Brom, Founder and Managing Partner, what was behind this idea? “I’ve always wanted to help educate people and so this is a series of video tutorials about physical commodities. How to trade and resolve various problems and so on. We put out the first video last week and anticipate there may be 50 -100 of them in the end,” he told me. Jan has always been one to try to explain the complexities of commodities and I had helped him a few years ago in editing an entire portion of Agiboo’s website dedicated to explaining terms and drilling into different commodities. “It’s quite an effort to make videos,” he told me. “It’s a lot of work but it’s fun and I hope useful.” It also provides Jan with an opportunity to showcase Agiblocks, the Agiboo solution, in use. Jan also reiterates that demand for CTRM software is ‘crazy’ right now. Agiboo is gaining its fair share of new customers via this demand and has signed its first South American sugar customer already this week. It has also signed its first edible oils and cotton customers… continue reading

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