Agile UX Design and Adaptive

ComTech became aware of Adaptive some years ago via a CTRM Conference at which Matt Barrett spoke. Adaptive designs, builds and operates business-led technology solutions utilizing leading edge technologies and have found a niche in the Fintech and Commodities sectors delivering robust and agile real-time solutions. I caught up with Matt recently and we talked about agile UX design. It is an area that Adaptive focuses on along with the creation of functional specifications, technical architectures, roadmaps, and UX designs – all in an agile manner. “We recently had the opportunity to work with a very large food and commodities business, and its systems integration firm, to help design the prospective screens for a potential new development,” he told me. “The business area of focus was position management, and a hedging and risk management system, and our role was in delivering an agile UX design.” Agile design is something we hear more and more about and is indeed one of the topics Matt had addressed at CTRM Conference. But what is agile design and how does it work? “The key to agile UX design is to conduct sprints working with the users. Each sprint delivering something closer to the ideal view… continue reading
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