Ags & Softs Report Issued

ComTech issued the CTRM for Agricultural & Soft Commoditiess research report last week and it is now available for download. The study was sponsored by Agiboo, Allegro, Aspect, Brady PLC, Cultura Technologies, Generation 10 and OpenLink and we thank them all for their support. This is a very comprehensive report and should be widely read by those seeking to procure CTRM, management/” title=”View all articles about Commodity Management here”>Commodity Management or even ERP software, for a commodities business. The CTRM software space for agricultural and soft commodities is currently characterized by the existence of many software vendors and products that are largely dominant only in a specific niche market, such as a particular geographic region and/or for a particular commodity. Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) can identify at least 34 potential vendors with products in the space that fit this description; and to that end, it is reminiscent of the ETRM software category a decade or so ago, prior to all of the merger and acquisition activities, that has resulted in some consolidation there. The scope of this research project was to identify and characterize the Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) products in the agricultural and softs space, identify the key markets and software requirements needed by those

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