JustCommodity Starts the Year with Significant Wins

I spoke to Joel Lou this morning, CEO of Singapore-based JustCommodity. JustCommodity has been in business around 10-years and has a strong track record for delivering its ContraXcentral CTRM solutions in particularly Asian markets in for commodities such as edible oils, grains and other soft commodities like rubber. According to its website, JustCommodity has “developed deep domain knowledge in building industry-focused software solutions for commodities trading by meeting the real business challenges of its clients – and embedding the best practices of trading and risk management technology into its product, ContraXCentral™ (“CxC”). Leveraging on this unique expertise, JustCommodity has expanded its value contribution to enterprises by offering specialised consulting and advisory services on industry best practices, contract execution and risk management”. Mr. Lou told us that the company had had a reasonably successful 2013 closing around five significant new deals but that January had so far been very good with two new deals already; including its first deal in the Ukraine. Mr. Lou was particularly pleased with its first eastern European deal as the company had recently hired a senior person to get the European operations started and fully intends to expand and hire a number of other resources in … continue reading

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