The CTRM Vendor Landscape in Ags and Softs

The Ags and softs CTRM vendor landscape resembles the ETRM vendor landscape of a decade or so ago. It’s pretty crowded with many vendors who either currently occupy or originated in a specific geographic or vertical niche. It has vendors that started in a specific agricultural commodity and it also has those that entered from elsewhere such as energy. Again, this reminds me of energy a decade ago as vendors from financial markets entered energy commodities and competed. Like energy, while there will almost certainly be mergers & acquisitions and consolidations, there will also be a stream of new vendors emerging too. The reason for this is actually the same whether you look at energy or ags and softs, sheer complexity. Each commodity has its specific add-ons that must be there and each company – trader, producer, originator, consumer etc., has a slightly different set of requirements. Of course, this also varies by geographic location. What happens is simply that as vendors grow, they have to continually add functionality and depth to their application and, as they do so, they lose their flexibility as a vendor. This means that there is always room for a new entry that can build … continue reading

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