What’s Hiding in the Cornfield?

As I was doing a little online research this morning, I came across an amazing story on AgWeb. Apparently, there is so much corn planted these days in the USA that its almost impossible to walk those corn fields periodically to check the plants and the crop. Farmers simply plant, fertilise and so on and then more or less leave it to grow until harvest time. It seems that because of this, farmers are increasingly having problems with weed. That’s right weed – marijuana. Cunning and clever weed growers are using small parts of these farmers corn fields to grow their crop safe in the knowledge that not only is it likely to go undetected but also that it will be well cared for in terms of fertilisers and water. As a result, framers are increasingly resorting to using drones to inspect their corn. What I really enjoyed about this article though is the assessment of the relative worths of the crops. One farmer who found a patch of weed growing where corn should be called in the DEA who destroyed the weed. The farmer asked as to the value of the weed and was told somewhere in the region … continue reading

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