Allasso Launches Copilot – A SaaS Real-time Options Trading, Portfolio and Risk Management Platform.

Last week, I was contacted by Felix Euler, an ex-commodity trader with large mainstream type firms, about his new venture called Allasso. Felix was also a systematic options trader and 2-years ago, he decided to “reconceptualize option portfolio trading.” This resulted in the formation of Allasso, based in Geneva and the development of some software solutions that gained a couple of clients last year. One of those software solutions is called Copilot and it was this product that he wanted to tell us about. Copilot is a web-based, SaaS solution for the trading, portfolio and risk management of options. It has a usable graphical front-end and is a real-time tool that anyone trading an options portfolio might find useful. It has a handful of users currently; he told us about half of whom are in commodities. He provided a short demonstration of the tool which is featured on Allasso’s website. The tool delivers instant insights, and as stated on the website it delivers “ease of use, intelligent data, and tools that make sense come together in a unique way to revolutionise your trading.” Certainly, the tool appears to deliver all of that. The tool is targeted at options traders, portfolio… continue reading