Amphora – A CTRM Phoenix?

Like the proverbial Phoenix, Amphora is reborn under CEO, Chris Mudry, with a new brand and a new website to boot. However, it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Mudry told me that Amphora has signed 3 new clients in recent months and that it has finally consolidated on the 3.4 release that is being tested at the moment and “will go live in November at two of our main clients”, meaning that all users will be on the same code when they upgrade. “We have been putting our house in order,” he said. “After that, we can focus on the next generation software as we have already hired a team to rebuild the engine so we can get there faster.” “Oil, LPG, LNG, iron ore, coal and shipping are in the DNA of our company and Symphony, but we are also completing our Concentrates solution – Alchemy and have true capabilities in concentrates  and metals these days,” Chris told me. Amphora has also a VaR and other modules that it can sell from a rich and increasing war chest of software products. On competition, Chris (correctly in our view) says that 2/3rds of the over 100 vendors and products in the… continue reading
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