Amphora Continues to Build its Customer Base

Amphora is enjoying a decent amount of success having experienced a record year last year in terms of bringing on new customers that appears to be about to be replicated again in 2021, says David Glasspool, head of sales and marketing. Amphora has just closed two large high-profile deals he told me on the back of several smaller ones so far this year. One of the new deals is with a Swiss-based coal and metals trader and the other with an Austrian refiner/marketer. “Both implementations have started and are being conducted remotely and being delivered in the cloud,” he said. “One of the customers will be up and running prior to year-end with the Symphony software and the other shortly thereafter.” Interestingly, Amphora sees quite a lot of interest in coal from a software perspective despite its current unpopularity from an environmental point of view. As coal prices continue to rise and show some volatility, better managing risk and exposure remains a priority for those trading it. With a number of clients using symphony for coal, Amphora feels it has a proven product for that part of the market. In fact, David says it has been a busy market so… continue reading

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