Amphora Has A Busy Year End

Amphora remains very busy with lots of product demonstrations planned before year end says David Glasspool. “July and August were quieter but now we are really busy as year-end approaches,” he said. Interestingly especially to an analyst in the space, he sees quite a lot of leads coming from firms that have been using spreadsheets and are now looking to get onto a proper software platform. Often smaller companies, the volatility, especially in energy prices, and pressure from stakeholders like banks, is forcing them to look at commercial solutions. Some are also start-ups with no systems yet in place, he says. Yet there are also several larger opportunities via RFP’s as well he points out in areas like biofuels and metals. David says that while they do a lot of interactive demonstrations, the flow is mainly via RFIs and RFPs. “We don’t see too many proof of concepts or trials,” he told me. Meanwhile, Amphora is also busy investing in its solution set working on a new development it calls Harmony targeting emissions while pushing to complete its Alchemy product for concentrates and metals.  “Our main priority is concentrates,” he said. “We can do ores and metals derivatives and will… continue reading

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