Amphora on a Roll?

For Amphora, 2020 was a record year I had been told the last time I had spoken with Ivan O’Toole in September. I caught up with Ivan again this week as we commenced the new year to see how things were going. “Well, we signed another customer in December,” Ivan told me. “Another physical and financial LNG deal bringing 7 new names to last year in total. In fact, LNG and biofuels seem to be a very attractive area for us right now as much of our 2021 funnel is comprised of opportunities in these commodities.” He also confirmed that there seems to be good demand generally with a fourfold increase over planned demonstrations for interested parties. Just a couple or so years ago, Amphora seemed to be fading away with little news emanating from it. So what changed? I asked. Ivan thinks that the ‘turnaround’ is down to a couple of factors. Firstly, the company has made considerable investment in its product development. “We are light years ahead of where we were even two years ago,” he said. Amphora has added new functionality that the market needed and made the product available in the cloud, he added. “This has… continue reading

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