Amphora Readying its Concentrates Solution – Alchemy

Back in 2019, I had a glimpse of a new concentrates CTRM called alchemy from Amphora. At the time, it was early days in development and yet I recall being somewhat impressed with what I saw writing “being an analyst and vendor agnostic, I still have to say that I found the product extremely functional largely avoiding the pitfalls of a typical concentrates solution to allow accurate valuation, invoicing, hedging and so on for concentrates. It was pretty much all there in the version I saw from contract management, through assays, pricing, costs, payments and invoicing, brand and specifications and much more. For example, the user is not restricted to the final assay or weight but can select any of them and even multiples for pricing and invoicing etc. There are still a few areas to be built out, but this does look a fully functional and usable ‘superior’ product to me at this stage. Interestingly, the development is being performed in such a way that the next generation version of Symphony will share modules so in a way, that project is already underway as well. The final proof will of course be when it is implemented.” This last week,… continue reading

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