An Amicable Split Allows for Broader Focus and Investment at Brady.

A few days ago, Brady Technologies announced that its commodities side was being acquired by STG and our inquiries to Brady for further details resulted in an informative call with Tasja Botha, CEO of Brady Commodities and Craig Vintcent, CRO Brady Technologies. Brady Commodities, for the time being, is sharing a location and a website with Brady Technologies and will continue to utilize the Brady name for a short time, according to Tasja. “The new brand is being worked on and we will emerge in a few months with a new identity, website and collateral,” she told me. “The relationship with Brady Technologies remains friendly and supportive.” Brady staff associated with the commodities side of the house have all moved across to the new entity including Fabian Kangayan, who is the new CFO, and Harry Knot on the product side and the business will also be making some new hires soon. “We had looked carefully at our options to invest in our software products, which are among the leading products in the industry including Fintrade and Trinity,” she told me. “Both these software solutions are integral to many customers businesses and, they are still functionally richer than any competing product.”… continue reading

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