An Era of CTRM Innovation?

I had an update from Gen10 this last week. Richard Williamson, CEO, was busy telling me about many of the activities the company was engaged in, from an update on its blockchain initiative in a consortium with companies like Rabobank and Aon to, work on its CTRM, trade finance and marine insurance platforms, new APIs and so on, when I stopped him and asked, ‘how many people are you?.’ You see, I have been on the ‘other side’ and spent several happy years helping build TransEnergy from a handful of people to almost 100 along with a suite of solutions aimed at trading and risk and pipeline management. So, I know what it takes. So that got me thinking. So, here is a vendor with two offices and less than 20 people and they are turning out all of these applications and initiatives, supporting clients in the US, Europe and Asia. How? Well, CTRM vendors tend to be victims of their own success quite often. In the traditional CTRM vendor model, as they sell the product they developed, they have to keep offering enhancements in order to broaden the footprint and the ultimate market for the product. The product is… continue reading
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