An Ever Changing Landscape?

Having tracked vendors in the E/CTRM segment for almost 20-years now, it appears to be an ever shifting landscape of vendors. Names come and go but some, it seems, go on forever. ION is probably now the biggest vendor in terms of installed base (with Triple Point, OLF and Aspect) and is a relatively new entrant via its acquisitions. The second largest vendor is probably Allegro – a constant feature over that 20-years and longer! These days, one has to factor SAP in the top 5 as well with more than 100 licensed customers for its Commodity Management solution. Brady and Eka most likely still feature in the top 6 mix. Brady is another vendor that has significant longevity in the metals side of things in particular. FIS must also be see as a top 6 vendor especially now that it is targeting other FIS solutions into the commodities space and it too has a pedigree of longevity going back through SunGard and Caminus – and even to Altra and TransEnergy. However, we track more solutions and vendors than ever before and find new ones periodically. Many focus on a specific niche, commodity, geography or market and with the advent… continue reading
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