And now it’s Amphora…

Its a busy time for CTRM mergers, acquisitions and divestitures…. In just the last couple of months, we’ve had 1) ION buying Aspect and a strong rumor that they are close to acquiring another large CTRM vendor, 2) Brady divesting their recycling business and 3) Paragon being acquired by MCG…and now we have yet another CTRM vendor changing ownership.  This time its Amphora. The company, founded as TradeCapture and known by that name until about 8 years ago, has been a subject of M&A rumors for the last 4 or 5 years.  Unfortunately, multiple sources indicated that the company’s ownership structure made a deal difficult to navigate and had consistently frustrated attempts by a number of firms to acquire the business. However, we recently heard that a deal had been done and the company was under new ownership.  I reached out to Amphora’s president, Rick Nelson, this week and he did confirm that a deal was consummated…but at this point he was limited in what he could say.  One of the more common rumors I had heard was that Mercuria, one of Amphora’s long-term customers, was the acquiring company.  Mr. Nelson said that rumor was incorrect, but until the new
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