Another E-World is Over

I was at E-World this week in Essen, Germany where I caught up with many colleagues and clients. With a storm passing through Europe early in the week, I was quite glad that I had decided to attend Wednesday and Thursday, skipping Tuesday meaning my travel plans were not weather disrupted. Apparently, others were disrupted and the Wednesday was remarkably busy as a result – busier that I can recall in over a decade of attendance.   That first day was when the majority of my planned meetings were scheduled and according to my iWatch, I piled up 17.8km of walking the 6 halls of the Essen Messe in the process. Thursday’s are always a bit quieter so this was my chance to run around and check out anything of interest as well as do some short interviews for an upcoming CTRMRadio podcast but I still managed around 9km. This year, ION Commodities had a large booth where Allegro had been the previous year and were giving away metal water bottles marked up with a name of your choice – something that proved remarkably popular and gets my vote for marketing strategy of the show.   I was also able… continue reading
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