Another eWorld is Coming Up.. See You There?

This time of the year has its routines – the first is my birthday and the second is eWorld in Essen – sometimes, like last year – they even occur together. Germany in early February is always such a delight …. but it is a chance to catch up with many colleagues across the business on the energy side. Many of the vendors that we track will be exhibiting and those that are not will be in attendance in one form or another. EWorld is one of those events that is must not miss for many in the business and I confess that I have been so many times that my memories run into one another. I recall a few years ago leaving it a bit late and booking a hotel ‘near’ Essen. As it turned out, the hotel was a good 20 minute cab drive away, had no restaurant and was somewhere in the middle of a housing estate. We arrived around 9:30pm and walked several kilometers in horizontal freezing rain seeking a meal before finding a MacDonalds……In recent years, we have stayed close by and it has paid off and to hell with the expense!   Anyway, this… continue reading
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