Another Round of Acquisitions in CTRM

Periodically, there are a round of acquisitions in the E/CTRM space. Today, Brady announced it was acquiring Igloo following on the heels of its acquisition of cRisk and I have a call later in the week with Brady management where I hope to learn more although, the strategy looks eminently sensible especially when considering the investment Brady is making in the the PowerDesk offering. It essentially affords Brady a leap in technology on the ETRM side of things and allows them to deliver more rapidly on products in real-time and related power and gas markets in Europe with an emphasis on the UK and Nordics where Brady historically have a strong base. It is, as the press announcement describes, an accelerator. I suspect the same can be said for the cRisk acquisition as well. Similarly, Energy One has announced its next acquisition in the form of EGSSIS in Belgium. Again, this is an acquisition that makes sense adding to Energy One’s European capabilities in power and gas but also accelerating its move into the ‘acting on behalf of’ scheduling marketplace where there is less competition and a good appetite for that sort of service.  There is no doubt at all… continue reading

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