AR and Disruptive Technologies

A broad survey of disruptive technologies by Global Data suggests that AR or augmented reality is outpacing AI as the most disruptive technology emerging. It’s an interesting piece of research but, when it comes to the commodities industries, doesn’t appear to gel with what we see nor with our own disruptive technology research (report due out shortly). Is it a case of (as usual?) the commodities industries lagging? The press announcement from Global Data says “GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Emerging Technology Sentiment Analysis Q2 2021’, reveals that 70% of industry professionals surveyed stated that AR would disrupt their industry most out of a selection of  seven emerging technologies AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, IoT, blockchain, and 5G, in addition to AR.” The announcement goes on to say that the effect of AR is more likely to be felt later on in the decade. We tested both augmented reality and virtual reality as potentially disruptive technologies in our survey and report conducted recently. Yet, we found little appetite nor enthusiasm for AR/VR in commodities and virtually no use cases. By comparison, AI seems to be the flavor of the moment with a significant increase in use cases and interest in these technologies. As… continue reading

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