Are We Headed Down Folly Ave?

I’m a big believer in the power of imagination and always have been. I’m equally a believer in human ingenuity. Unfortunately, I find myself worrying more and more about what I perceive as a disconnect between narrative and reality, and I wonder when someone is going to ask if the Emporer has clothes? Ok. What I am talking about is what seems to be the modern trend of thinking it enough to imagine something is true. Increasingly, I get a sense that politicians imagine all sorts of things about ending fossil fuels and shifting to a sustainable and green economy that simply is, well, far-fetched and perhaps even dangerous. In recent weeks, I have begun to pick up on an undercurrent of those who seem to be signaling the same thing. Don’t get me wrong. I think adding renewables into the mix is a good thing. I’m concerned about plastic, fiber, and particulate pollution. I think many things can be optimized, improved, and innovated and, I am a believer in human ingenuity. Just there is a gap emerging…. Part of the problem is that everything has become politicized. It’s no longer about the facts, setting objectives, coming up with risk-managed… continue reading

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