Artis Works Launch Folio as a SAAS Market sheet Tool

Artis Works is a disruptive new vendor that I recently became aware of and added to the resources section of CTRMCenter. Founded in May 2020 by ex-trader Sebastian Ferraccu and enterprise Architect James McMurray-Cole. The initial product is Folio, a market sheet replacement of Excel and data providers with a ton of flexibility, a clean UI, and serious capabilities. The product is being readied for trials this month, and I was afforded a comprehensive demonstration of the software. Available in the cloud as software as a service, it is hooked into ICE and CME already. A user can pull in any market data for curves, create curves, quickly build formulae, graph anything, and broadcast everything they do across the organization. “Within hours of signing up your team can be sitting in front of a live, shared market solution,” said Sebastian. With a clear and easy-to-use front end, everything on the grid can be controlled, re-organized, and graphed. As you may expect, columns can be moved, switched on and off, units changed, and much more besides a very flexible datasheet. End-of-day or live data values can be used, and different sheets set up like PnL and margins, and everything is autosaved,… continue reading

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