Artis Works Points to Word-of-Mouth Success Around its Folio Product

A week or so ago, I had a chance to visit with Sebastian Ferraccu of Artis Works. Back in May, Artis Works released Artis Folio and so I was keen to discover how the launch had gone. The answer appears to be very well. Sebastian told me that they had around 50 users across 7 different companies now using the software including oil majors, traders and brokers. “We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback and the product is largely selling itself via word-of-mouth,” he told me. “The product has changed how people work allowing sharing of curves and resulting in improved efficiency, and helping to drive income.” As I stated in my last blog article about Artis works, Artis Folio is ‘a market sheet replacement of Excel and data providers with a ton of flexibility, a clean UI, and serious capabilities.’ Sebastian also told me that there was a lot of demand for live curves, which Artis Folio is now able to provide in Beta test mode currently using the broker’s own data so that the solution produces live curves in real-time throughout the day. Delivered in the cloud, it takes Artis Works about an hour to enable… continue reading

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