Artis Works Update

Last November, we took a look at Artis Works and its Folio software – “it forms a new category of cloud SaaS product aimed at commodities trading with an initial focus on Oil and Gas, replacing the Excel market valuation tool and in some cases Reuters, Bloomberg and ICE Connect,”according to CEO, Sebastian Ferraccu. Last week, we caught up with Sebastian for an update. He reports increasing interest in Folio with new users coming on board and a couple of very large traders trialing the solution. In the time since we last spoke, Artis Works has added natural gas coverage and released an historical forward curve analytical tool that provides “a fast representation of historical forward curves via a visualization and interrogation tool.” The company is also talking with LME about expanding coverage at a future date into metals, I was told. Sebastian is also very excited about a use for the solution in and around brokers that will allow trusted traders to view broker price curves. “We aren’t quite there yet but the technology is,” he told me. This is a feature that Artis Works is currently working on and expects to complete in the future. “It will work… continue reading

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