Aspect Comes of Age

The last couple of years have not been exactly stellar when it comes to the fortunes of CTRM software vendors. In fact, I think it is probably accurate to say, they have been difficult. Commodity prices collapsed, buyers cut budgets, and were meanwhile inundated with sweeping regulatory demands – particularly in Europe. At the same time, markets continued to evolve and new issues manifested themselves in areas like an increased need for traceability, the rapid rise and impact of renewable generation not to speak of a good deal of political uncertainty following BREXIT and the election of a new President in the US. Against all of this however, one vendor has apparently not just weathered the market but has actually thrived. In a note posted to Aspect’s blog recently, CEO Steve Hughes outlines the recent successes of his company and it is impressive reading. 2016 was a stellar year for the vendor and as Steve notes, Aspect achieved the following, – Growth of the business by 67% with $15m in new cloud software bookings, – Dozens of new clients for AspectDSC and AspectCTRM to reach more than 487 clients in 87 different countries, – Adding 5 of the top 10
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