Aspect provides a client briefing post ION acquisition

Earlier this year, ION sent shock waves through the E/CTRM community as it announced the acquisition of both Aspect Enterprise Solutions and then OpenLink. While merger & acquisitions in the E/CTRM space are nothing new, having a history as long as the software category itself, the move by ION surprised many. It was no secret that its acquisition of Triple Point, the second largest vendor in the space at the time of the deal in 2015, had not gone at all well, and as a result, Triple Point virtually disappeared overnight. Additionally, the deal reinforced for many the notion that ION had a reputation for a certain way of doing business. So, in the wake of the latest deals, and despite early reassurances from Aspect in particular, we continued to hear of disquiet from many sources. In the last couple of weeks, both OpenLink and Aspect have provided updates to customers on how the acquisitions are going. We were not privy to the OpenLink call, but we were invited to listen in on the Aspect webinar that took place July 25th. Aspect’s CEO, Steve Hughes spent more than 45-minutes going through many facets of the acquisition and provided some insights… continue reading
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