August In Europe: A Continent On Vacation

One thing I know very well is that Americans simply don’t take proper vacations. In Europe, I think the other extreme may well be true! For me, August is pretty much a write off. Europe is on vacation and that is all there is to it. In my 20-years living in Texas, I rarely had more than a long weekend off. That was just the way it was and as time went by I got used to it. I got into American Football, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball as well while living there. Now I am back in Europe, my interest in those sports has waned dramatically in favor of what we call football – soccer. I have also learned to ‘put up’ with elongated summer holidays again and routinely disappear for 2-3 weeks along with the rest of the continent sometime in July or August. Just to give you an idea how bad vacation time is here, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a personal email to 25 end user contacts asking them to take our current survey. It took me an hour or so to dig out the email addresses and so on. Within 5 minutes of sending,
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