BBGC – Not Just Another Consulting Company, Says its MD.

BBGC is a business and technology consulting firm that is active in the commodities industries. I was recently contacted by its MD, Amir Soufizadeh, for a catch up and briefing. I have known Amir for quite some time and followed his career with interest. BBGC focuses in on energy, commodities, and financial services, and has people in various locations including the UK, USA, Singapore, UAE and India. Amir describes it as ‘reputation-driven’ offering full delivery lifecycle coverage, IT strategy, product selection and implementation, advisory services, and so on. In the CTRM space, it helps with selection, implementation, upgrades, support and it has good relationships with many of the vendors, he told me. I was keen to pick Amir’s brain in terms of what he sees as trends in the CTRM industry. One area that he sees a lot of real interest in is sustainability and suggests that many of the existing vendors are still playing catch up in carbon and emissions/allowables trading and lifecycle management. He says that buyers now place value on vendor’s being green and sustainable with good ESG policies and it is becoming a procurement tick box and vendors should note that it is growing in terms… continue reading

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