Beacon is Growing Rapidly with a New Technology Approach in CTRM

As we’ve noted often in the last couple of years, there is clearly a growing demand for new CTRM capabilities that don’t rely on the traditional monolithic solutions.  Many of these traditional software products, though functionally rich, are not necessarily rightsized for the needs of many market players. With a broad range of functionality and commodity coverage, support costs for these monolithic solutions can be very high and upgrades often difficult.  Though there clearly continues to be a market for “soup to nuts” monolithic CTRM solutions, ComTech is seeing increasing market interest and need for a more modular or extendable platform approach. Beacon, though a relatively new entrant into the CTRM space, is one of a handful of vendors that address this growing need for a new technology approach. Using the cloud-based Beacon Platform, their customers can build out or deploy only the capabilities they require, and as their businesses grow or their markets change, they can keep pace by adding additional functionality. I recently spoke with Mark Ayzenberg, Beacon’s senior sales representative, who told me they are seeing steadily increasing interest in their product, and their approach, to addressing the complex energy and commodity markets. “Since the fourth quarter… continue reading

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