BJSS Expands – Open Houston Office

Last week, I spoke with Amir Soufizadeh, Head of the Commodities & Utilities practice for BJSS. BJSS is expanding rapidly and has recently opened an office in Houston, TX. It now well over 1000 employees, up from around 500 just three-years ago and it is still recruiting. It has also opened more regional offices in the UK in places like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Nottingham, he told me. He puts the company’s success down to its recruitment policies for hiring the best talents, which it has never wavered on. Apparently, candidates face a total of 5 rounds of screening and, as a result, he believes the company to be well known for its quality of staff and delivery. I asked him what sorts of activities his practice was getting involved with these days and was not surprised to learn that they are involved in a number of blockchain projects in the O&G side of the business in particular. He also noted that having staff with blockchain skills has been important to their growth here. According to Amir, the hot buttons at the moment are blockchain, AI for predictive analytics and machine learning both in the up, middle and downstream parts of… continue reading
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