Blockchain – Still Far Off?

By now no one has escaped the overhype of blockchain. When something is so overhyped, I for one get suspicious. I am writing up the disruptive technology report now and I was not surprised to see that in 2021 blockchain appears just as far away from widespread adoption in commodities as it was in 2018 when I wrote the last report. What is surprising however is that a significantly lower percentage of respondents now see blockchain as the next big thing and very few can point at any use case outside of custody transfer as a place where they think blockchain will finally find favor. Perhaps, like me, they smell a rat in the overhyping of this technology? Perhaps, like me, they fail to see any true blockchain initiatives gain commercial acceptance at any scale – all those that mention blockchain actually utilize very little blockchain! Blockchain is the magic word to raise the money to do something more or less without blockchain it seems to me. So, despite lots of press and POC’s,  we will say that blockchain remains a way off…. On the other hand, AI and ML are flying. This seems to be where the rubber meets… continue reading

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